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The Ultimate Planner Size Guide

The Ultimate Planner Size Guide

March 9, 2023 2023-03-09 7:13

Selecting the appropriate planner that aligns with your lifestyle and specific requirements is paramount for getting organized. Nevertheless, it’s equally essential to remember the significance of choosing the correct planner size.

Selecting the appropriate planner size can be a daunting task with numerous options available, particularly when the same planner is available in multiple sizes. Hence, the following is a brief guide to familiarize you with common planner page sizes and which planners correspond to each page size.

Planner size comparison

Here are the most commonly used planner sizes:

  • Pocket (81 X 120 MM)
  • Personal (95 X 171 MM)
  • A5 (148 X 210 MM)
  • Medium (7 X 9 IN)
  • Half-Letter (8.5 X 5.5 IN)
  • A4 (210 X 297 MM)
  • US Letter (8.5 X 11 IN)
  • A6 (4.1 X 5.8 IN)

It is clear that many different paper sizes are available, and the list above is far from comprehensive. Ultimately, this is a decision that will depend upon your personal preferences, so you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each size.

Get a better idea of how to get started by taking a look at our planner size guide below if you’re not sure which planner size is right for you.

Pocket Size Planner

Looking for a planner that’s small enough to fit in your pocket? Look no further than this micro-mini planner. While it may be tiny, it’s perfect for jotting down a few important notes and checking your schedule on the go. Keep in mind, though, that if you need to take more extensive notes, you’ll likely need a larger planner.

Personal Planner

If you’re a fan of pocket-size planners, you might also appreciate the personal size planner. This planner is similarly compact and lightweight, making it easy to bring along wherever you go.

However, there are a few downsides to this size. The lines on the pages are often quite close together, leaving little space for writing. Additionally, the monthly overview section can be quite small, making it difficult to fit much information into each box. To work around these limitations, you may want to consider using a color-coding system to help you stay organized.

One other thing to keep in mind is that personal-size planners may not be the best choice if you’re a big fan of planner stickers, as the stickers may be too large for small pages.

Despite these limitations, a personal-size planner can still be a great option if you don’t need to add too much information to your schedule.

A5 Planner

If you’re looking for a planner that’s a bit larger than a pocket or personal size, an A5 planner might be just right for you. These planners are half the size of an A4 page, making them still quite portable and lightweight.

One of the advantages of this size is that it’s quite popular, which means it’s easy to find printable inserts if you prefer that route. Additionally, you’ll have more space to write and can include more detailed plans in your A5 planner.

However, there are some drawbacks to keep in mind as well. Buying inserts can be expensive, especially when you factor in shipping costs. You can DIY the inserts by cutting an A4-sized paper into half and purchase printable planners online to print in the comfort of your home.

Medium & Half-Letter Planners

Moving on to larger options, we have the medium and half letter size planners. These planners are often spiral-bound and offer more space for you to write down your activities and tasks. Despite being larger, they remain manageable and won’t feel too bulky to carry around.

Since these planners are popular, there are many layouts available to suit different preferences. However, it’s worth noting that finding inserts for the medium size may be a bit more challenging.

In summary, if you want a planner with more writing space, the medium and half-letter size planners are excellent choices to consider.

A4 Planner

Planners in this size are great as they are full-page US letter sized.

Planners in this format are great, as they are full-page US letter size. Due to their larger size, you can’t just slip them into your purse. It is bulkier and heavier to carry them.

When you choose a planner that’s shipped, it’s going to be more expensive, and if you plan to spread out and write in it, you’re going to need a lot more desk space. Generally, these have a 2-page spread, so you should have enough room to visualize the entire week in advance. With a planner this size, you should have plenty of room to include the information you need.

A full-page planner allows you to jot down your most important tasks, and this size planner is suitable for anyone, whether you’re a teacher, student, working mother, SAHM, freelancer, or anyone else. Additionally, this size is available with inserts if you’re using a binder.

When choosing a planner, it’s important to consider more than just the size of the pages. You also need to decide on the type of planner you want: ring bound, bookbound, or discbound? What are the available binder sizes, and are you interested in an ARC planner? Do you want a personalized, themed, or plain cover?

Furthermore, think about what you want to track in your planner and make sure that there are corresponding planners and inserts available. Do you prefer hourly or weekly planner pages, or will you be using bullet journaling techniques?

Lastly, consider your preferred planner accessories. Do you enjoy using tassel paperclips, stickers, or pen holders? Make sure that your chosen planner size can accommodate your favorite accessories before making a purchase.

We hope this guide to planner sizes will help you choose the right one for you.

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