It’s finally here!

It took a lot of guts in building and launch our very own printables online shop outside Etsy. After all, we had a wonderful start in selling printable planners and budget envelopes on the said platform. We found our very first customers there and the first sale we had from Thailand was a very unforgettable one.

What made us launch our own printables online shop?

Hosting our own online shop where we sell digital downloads doesn’t mean we are leaving Etsy. Most of our customers scour the selling platform for handmade goodies and printables, so it doesn’t make sense for us to close our shop there. Well, unless Etsy decides to close us down because of one nasty little customer, review, or a competitive seller.

We love Etsy. Don’t get us wrong! But we feel like we need to also have a place on the web where we can call it our home. A little nook where we can have a lot of control in terms of designing, selling, and keeping our shop open (because you’ll never know when Etsy decides to shut us down). God forbid!

So, we also consider this as our insurance that we will be left with nothing when that formidable event happens!

We are aware that by hosting Prym Printables as a standalone printables planner shop, we are submitting ourselves to 2x the work in terms of marketing our products. And that’s okay! Going out of our comfort zone is what’s making this journey all worth it.

The main thing to remember is that nothing can stop us from expressing our creative pursuits and offering you the very things that will make your life organized and convenient.

Our Printable Shop’s Start

We started our small Etsy store 3 years ago in 2019, and we couldn’t believe we’ve grown so much since then. We owe it to the people who believed in us and in the printable planners and cash envelopes that we are selling.

It was even by accident that I discovered I could share my graphic designing gifts by creating planners for a lot of people.

The truth is that I was just starting my personal finance blog back then. I was inspired by some people on Instagram to take on the FIRE journey in managing my finances and building wealth. But first, I had to fix my money management problems by living within or below my means and tracking everything that goes out of my pocket.

I found out that most of these people who were successful in their personal finance journey were using Finance Planners / Budgeting planners and cash envelopes.

I browsed the internet for printable finance planners that I could purchase online, but I never found one that worked for my situation with a design to my liking. Hence, with my graphic designing skills, I created my own printable Finance Planner and cash envelopes.

At first, it was for personal use only, but the online budgeting community started asking me if I sell my Finance Planner. This sparked the idea of finally opening Prym Printables shop on Etsy. And the rest was history!

I hold this shop so dear to my heart because of my humble start. I spent hundreds of hours and sleepless nights just creating things that will make everyone’s life easy, creative, and fun to manage. In the process of creating these items, I fell deeply in love with the planning community. What started first as a passion for personal finance morphed into devotion to planners and their purpose in the different areas of our lives.

If you’re new to this printables online shop, a big WELCOME! If you’re a returning customer from either here or Etsy, THANKS for coming back! Know that I treasure each one of you for trusting everything that I make and for making this small online store what it is now.

This is a fresh start and I’m hoping I’ll be of big help to planning out everything your heart desires.